About Us

Sahaya’s Therapeutic Counselling Centre works under Sahaya Charitable Trust, which is a Mangalore-based non-profit public charitable trust registered in the year 2000. It has been at the forefront of the initiatives to help the needy and underprivileged all through its history.

We realize counselling is one of the most powerful tools for positive social change and to help people in their psychological crisis. We offer therapeutic counselling for children and adults. Everybody is born with lots of individual talents and capacities. We help our clients to regain their affirmative personal characteristics and to live a pleasant life.

About Our Psychologist

Mrs. Thressia N John
Counselling Psychologist

Mrs. Thressia N John graduated with an MSc in Applied Psychology. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling & psychotherapy from Christain Counselling Center and Christain Medical College Vellore. She learned Practical Hypnosis and Suggestion Therapy under Dr. P. K. Narayanan.

Mrs. Thressia N John is well-versed in dealing with psychological disorders of all ages. The compassion and care she shows towards her patients make them feel relieved. She has worked with anxiety disorders, relationship difficulties, learning disabilities, family therapy, and anti-social behavior among other psychological issues. Along with this, she helps to resolve phobias, insomnia, phone addiction, irritability, all types of behavioral issues, and personality disorders.