Psychological counselling is a process that explores the psychological and mental stress that one faces while living in society resulting in concern or distress. People may find themselves unable to cope with certain situations or to adapt their mode of life to changed circumstances such as severe or traumatic accident, bereavement, life-threatening illness, loss of employment or home, marital difficulty, or other broken relationships which disrupt the previous pattern of life. Counselling provides you with the time and space to talk about these issues in a confidential setting with a counsellor.

The counsellor instead of telling you what to do he/she assists you to think about your difficulties in a non-judgmental manner and helps you to find the best way to facilitate greater insights into their life.

Counsellors explain how they work, listen carefully to what is said, help clarify options and encourage informed decision-making. A counsellor can prevent serious problems and promote positive health and happiness among people who seek help. They provide individuals with opportunities to explore and work towards living in a more satisfying way.