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Family Counselling Centre

Family Counselling
Several issues arise in a family. The reasons and nature of the problem vary in each case. Generally, family conflicts are considered just an adjustment disorder. But the underlying reasons may be different. The presence of jerks causes a lot of stress and other psychological issues within the members of the family especially the healthy growth of the children; it owes great concern. The number of divorce cases in the family courts is increasing day by day.  A healthy family is the token of a healthy society.

The possible reasons for the occurrence of problems in a family are due to factors like domination on the other, inferiority complex of partner, possessiveness, unnecessary involvement of the in-laws in the couple’s life, suspicious nature of the partner, Mobile phone addiction, and other addictions of the partner, problems related to sex, problems related to children, psychological issues of the partner, etc. are usual causes of family conflict.

We recommend the entire family appear for counseling.  In case of conflict among the couple, both of them must attend the counselling sessions.  The counselor assesses and finds out the root causes of the conflict and discusses the possible solutions and rectifications they have to make for better family life in the future. We also provide marriage counselling and online relationship counseling.

Pre-Book Your Counselling Session
The Client has to book your counselling session in advance.  You will be informed of a suitable time and the client has to appear at the time. Make sure the atmosphere is noise-free for an effective session.

Duration of the Session
The session lasts normally from 1.30 hours to 2 hours but depends on the needs of the client the duration is subject to change.

Our Psychologist
Mrs. Thressia N John is well expertise at handling all sorts of psychological issues among every age group. With a caring and compassionate attitude, she renders to her patients and helps them feel relieved at the clinic. She possesses practicable experience on psychological issues like mobile phone addictions, phobias, sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety disorder, learning problems, relationship issues, anti-social behaviors, family counseling, etc.

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