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Treatment for Phobias And Fears

The word Phobia means intense hatred or fear of a specific object or situation that compels the person to avoid it even if there is reassurance and awareness that it is not dangerous.

Depends on the nature and history of the phobia usually the therapist adopts systematic desensitization therapy, exposure therapy, or cognitive behavior therapy. The therapist explores whether there are any other psychological reasons for the phobias and recommends medication if needed.

Pre-Book Your Counselling Session
The Client has to book your counselling session in advance.  You will be informed of a suitable time and the client has to appear at the time. Make sure the atmosphere is noise-free for an effective session.

Duration of the Session
The session lasts normally from 1.30 hours to 2 hours but depends on the needs of the client the duration is subject to change.

Our Psychologist
Mrs. Thressia N John is well expertise at handling all sorts of psychological issues among every age group. With a  caring and compassionate attitude, she renders to her patients and helps them feel relieved at the clinic. She possesses practicable experience on psychological issues like mobile phone addictions, phobias, sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety disorder, learning problems, relationship issues, anti-social behaviors, family counseling, etc.

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