Telephonic Counselling And Online Consulting

The Novel Coronavirus have imposed major threat to the life and economy of the entire world. In the time of pandemic our govt. and health workers, were advising us to remain isolated from the society so as to arrest the spread of disease. Though social isolation have positive effects on controlling the virus, a portion of the society are facing negative effect on their mental stability. It is natural for people living in isolation to develop stress-based responses which may develop as psychological disorders. Reaching out for a psychologist and having a counselling session is considerably difficult during this pandemic period. Hence we are coming up with Internet Counseling or Telephonic Counseling which may help you share your feelings staying safe at your place.

Individuals are forced to compromise their daily routines during social distancing. People are experiencing disruptions in almost every fields, especially in having access to emotional support. The tech savy people, to a certain extent, stay connected with others through which they may gain emotional support. But others are susceptible to social isolation. Social isolation elevate the risk factor for a number of health-related concerns, including depression.

People across the world are experiencing the loss of their pre pandemic lifestyle. As a result, many people are having obsessions associated with grief. Although this pandemic is considered to be temporary, the impact on lives may stay longer.

Pre-book your counselling session
It is recommended to book your counselling sessions in advance. A convenient time for the session will be informed. During the session the client is requested to stay in a noise free atmosphere and should not involve in any other activities which may distract the attention. The clients are also requested to appear online or telephone on time as we value your precious time. The client must take the session with utmost seriousness for 100% result.

Why take a Telephonic / Internet Counselling
In this extremely distressing pandemic days, it is of great difficulty to reach out and address your psychological issues with an experienced Psychologist. Suppressing your feelings may lead to serious mental instabilities. Eluding your emotions does not eliminate them; rather, it makes you weaker to face challenging situations during the time of loneliness and isolation.

Choice of Therapy via telephone or internet Applications
The psychologist will provide you with certain instructions prior to your sessions and the client can choose from the options for the session via Telephone, Mobile phone, Skype, IMO or Zoom Apps.

Duration of Telephone counseling or internet counseling
The session lasts normally for 1.30 hours to 2 hours, but there can be flexibility resulting in having shorter or longer phone counseling sessions to fit with your specific needs.

Ultimate privacy of Telephonic Counseling
Privacy with counseling is a paramount. There are times when habitual stigma attached to mental wellbeing pops up and clients prefer to keep ultimate privacy with the undergoing treatment. The privacy for treatments are completely assured with the phone counseling. A talk over phone retains the anonymity to its fullness. Worries about unwanted peeps during your session can be totally eliminated. The added privacy pacifies the clients to open up freely to their therapist and share their innermost concerns which in turn helps in accelerating the treatment.

Cases inadvisable for Telephonic/Online sessions

  • Serious Psychiatric illnesses
  • Family Counselling
  • For children under the age of 8years
  • People with serious addictions, drug abusers and sex abusers etc.

Telephonic therapy or online counseling may not be recommendable for people with severe or complex symptoms of mental health conditions. Such cases require close and direct treatment or face-to-face psychotherapy sessions.

Limitations of Distance Therapy
Verbal and Non-verbal communication are of primary importance in a psychological counseling session. The body language and non-verbal signals of the patient often provides the therapist with a comprehensive picture of feelings, thoughts, moods and behaviors of the client. Though video sessions also helps the therapist in understanding the issues of the client, the intimacy that a real world counseling session could possess will be lacked.

Our Psychologist
Mrs. Thressia N John is well expertise in handling all sorts of psychological issues among every age groups. The caring and compassionate attitude she render to her patients helps them feel relieved at the clinic. She possess hands on experience on psychological issues like mobile phone addictions, phobias, sleeplessness, irritability, anxiety disorder, learning problems, relationship issues, anti- social behaviors, family counseling etc.